Here’s How Weather Undermine Your Roofing System


Any homeowner here in Nebraska would agree that each month brings its own weather-related issue. And every roofing contractor in Omaha, NE is cognizant to the fact that environmental setback poses a potential problem for each homeowner, especially concerning their roofing system. To give you an overview of what is actually happening for each environmental setback, here are some of the most common weather-related events that your roof has to overcome all year long.


a roofing expert tries to repair a damaged asphalt roofing

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It is but normal for a strong summer thunderstorm to bring hail along with it. Hailstones produced by such weather disturbance causes damage on your roof, whether it is a small hailstone. The impact of a hailstone towards your roof can cause some holes in shingles and even degrade the surface of your roofing despite proper roof maintenance. Hence, resulting in early deterioration of your roofing structure.


This is perhaps the most commonly experienced weather-related roofing concern by most property owners. Too much rain or excessive water can find its way towards the cracks and holes of your roofing system. This is especially true if you have previously neglected a roof inspection or roof repair coming from an expert roofing contractor in Omaha. Once rainwater enters your interior roofing, potential costly water damages may occur. 


Most of the time, rain will not cause too much roofing issue for you. However, its accompanying wind causes the initial damage or issue that allows rainwater to penetrate your roofing system. Aside from that, fierce wind can also blow or bring debris to your roofs such as leaves, twigs, and even tree branches. As a result, your gutters will clog that could also lead to roof leaks and other related moisture problems that could even affect your home’s siding.


Checking For Roof Damage

In order to avoid the necessity of a roof replacement or new roof installation, it would always be best to have your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor here in Omaha, especially after a storm or weather disturbances. However, if you are unable to immediately contact an expert roofer in Omaha, you may follow these simple steps:

  • Inspect Attic for Leaks or Water Damage
  • Identify Storm Damage Signs from the Ground
  • Check for Debris or Fallen Objects on Your Roof
  • Look for Any Blown Shingles near Your Property
  • Contact Roofing Professionals for Free Estimate


There are many factors that could contribute to the deterioration of your roofing system. The number one factor to consider is the weather disturbances in your area. This environmental setback, coupled by improper roof installation or roof replacement, can greatly affect the integrity of your roofing system or even the whole structural integrity of your property. Check out a trusted roofing contractor that handles roof maintenance checks very well. 

When you start noticing some signs of damage or deterioration, especially after a storm or severe weather-related event, you should immediately contact a professional roofing contractor. Here in Omaha, Nebraska, property owners turn to Innovative Roofing for help. Whether it concerns storm-damage roof repair, roof replacement, and other services for your sidings and gutters, we deliver. For your residential or commercial roofing, siding, and gutter needs, you can always trust us for help.  You can call us at (402) 512-4200; Contact Us Today!

Reasons to Have Asphalt Roofing Today


Majority of property owners, whether a homeowner or business owner, use asphalt shingles for their roofing. Roofing company in Omaha, NE is also well aware of such demand and requirement coming from property owners like you. When it comes to selecting a roofing material for a particular roofing system, asphalt shingles will normally be on top of the selection because it continues to raise the standard of roofing, providing a beautiful, affordable, and reliable roofing solution. In addition to having a variety of textures, styles, and colors, asphalt roofing shingles are highly sought because of the following reasons and benefits.


an asphalt roof replacement is being performed by a roofer

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If properly installed by an expert roofer in Omaha, asphalt roofs will surely be reliable, durable, and long-lasting. An asphalt shingle would normally last around 25 to 30 years. And such is achieved through proper roof installation, selection, and roof maintenance from a roofing expert. Aside from longevity, this type of roofing material is also fire resistant especially when installed with fiberglass matting and it can also take some of Omaha’s worst wind condition. Hence, requiring less roof repair services & weather related roofing service.


As mentioned above, having an asphalt roofing is less expensive than other roofing materials. This type of roofing is very cost-effective and definitely offers value for the money. When you are planning to have an asphalt roof replacement, it would be best to consult a roofing contractor that specializes in asphalt roof installation for they can honestly provide you an up-front & accurate pricing, flexible payment options, and even free estimate.

Simplicity & Flexibility

Another reason to consider an asphalt roofing for your home or business is the fact that they are very easy to install and maintain. That is why most roofing companies in Omaha prefer asphalt shingles than other roofing materials for roof installation or roof replacement services. As a residential or commercial property owner, you may like asphalt shingles for it brings straightforward installation process, that can easily fit into steep or angled roofs. A great company for modeling after your schedule flexibility, is a roofer in new jersey – they have a great system which is modeled after our roofing philosophy. 


One of the least examined benefits of having an asphalt shingle for your roofing system is the fact that they are recyclable. Yes, unlike the previous decades where asphalt shingles only lay waste on dumping sites, these roofing materials can now be recycled. When it comes to being eco friendly, we can all learn from solar companies. They can be used for paving your driveways or parking areas of your business place.


In connection to its eco-friendly characteristic, an asphalt shingle is also energy efficient. This is said as such for this type of material absorbs heat less than other roofing materials. This would mean that excessive transfer of heat from the outside to the interior of your home or building is less likely to happen. Being efficient is one of the most important a roofing contractor can have. Hence, keeping your indoor thermal environment at its normal and comfortable level.  


When it comes to choosing a roofing material or product for your home or commercial building, its benefits or advantages should always be taken into consideration. However, despite knowing the pros of an asphalt roofing, it would still be logical and beneficial to ask the expert opinion of a professional roofing contractor. With their help, they may be able to evaluate or assess the compatibility of asphalt roofing towards your building structure, environment, and even your lifestyle.

Here at Omaha, Nebraska, homeowners and business owners trust Innovative Roofing for the best roofing solution. Apart from that we are also sought by residential and commercial property for our extensive knowledge and skill when it comes to gutters and siding services. You can call us at (402) 512-4200; Contact Us Today!